"God hates divorce"

I painted a billboard in this page from Dwell magazine to talk about the biblical book of Malachi, written during a time when not much "dramatic" was happening in the kingdom of Israel.  In the book, God calls people back to relationship through a series of leading questions, like someone reaching out to an estranged lover, or like an enormous billboard planted in the middle of the American dream.  (*pic is a little warped, the top right of the billboard actually recedes rather than juste out.)


Channeling Agnes Martin

Working on a project for class, can't help but think of the grid master herself....(I think she used rulers instead of tape, though...)


Watercolor Quickie

A quick sketch I did of a rainy day on the farm a while back...had to dig this one out of the archives for a portfolio review.  It didn't stop pouring that day, the pond overflowed at the dike wall and came rushing down the hill.